Intro to Tantric Sex&Practices for Aware Union

Intro to Tantric Sex&Practices for Aware Union

Embodied Erotic

  • Excited to create more passion and desire in your lovemaking?
  • Interested in learning Tantric methods allowing you to connect the sacred along with your sex?
  • Wondering how exactly to bring more orgasmic pleasure into your intimate phrase?

Tantra approaches lovemaking being a practice that is spiritual. This implies intercourse is really a pathway to heal our wounds, fulfill our shadow, experience to expanded states of conscoiusness, and awaken towards the real nature of personal. Come find out how to harness your energy that is sexual as for religious development. Tantric lovemaking doesn’t have objective beyond understanding we have sex– it’s not about performance, conquest, giving, receiving or any of the myriad other reasons. In fact, the training involves getting rid of all objectives, principles, and objectives and rather stepping into the spontaneous moment that is present. Beyond the whole tales and thinking by what sexual intercourse means, we become really alive.

In this workshop, you shall discover:

Tantric ritual that is lovemaking how to create the sacred to your lovemaking

Tools for male-bodies to unlock revolution after revolution of multiple orgasm that is non-ejaculatory

The 7 main forms of female-bodied sexual climaxes and exactly how to enhance your orgasmic ability

And also you will have the invite to see:

Letting go of expectations and beliefs that are limiting desires

Inhabiting the spontaneous current minute through intimate connection

Channeling your body’s power and sharing it by having a partner

The Embodied Erotic approach begins with a first step toward consent and safety. Within that strong, trauma-informed and container that is grounded invite within the complete phrase of our figures become met with presence and held with love. We offer the various tools to respectfully explore our erotic and sensual sides therefore that everybody seems linked and celebrated. Our approach is experiential and body-based. We bring practical ease to help make spirituality that is sacred and enjoyable. All this together produces the room for the full, embodied radiance to shine!

This workshop is acceptable for many degrees of experience. Although we will likely to be referring to lovemaking and exploring sensual power, you will see no explicit contact and clothes will remain on. Available to singles, partners, triads etc… and individuals of most genders.

Presented by Embodied Erotic

We’ve taught a large number of individuals like everyone else simple tips to embody this paradigm that is new of sexuality and relating. We’re passionate about sharing this course associated with Heart which satisfies the entire phrase of our anatomies with existence and love. Drawing on Neo-Tantra, Core Shamanic methods, somatic psychotherapy, yoga and meditation, we’ve crafted a distinctive experience that’s powerful, available, and enjoyable. Our vision is always to enable our community to commemorate these erotic bodies and create deeply satisfying relationships. We hope you’ll join us!

Caity Reilly – is really a sex that is somatic & advisor, Tantric and Shamanic practitioner aimed at supporting other in the journey of radical embodiment, sensual awakening, and coming house into the Heart. She actually is passionate about producing some sort of healed from intimate traumatization and it is committed to birthing a brand new paradigm of built-in and sex that is holistic relating. Caity may be the co-founder of Embodied Erotic and it is the creator of Serpent & Rose, communities focused on sharing the teachings regarding the body therefore the erotic as gateways to healing upheaval and awakening that is sexual. She’s invested the final 4+ years teaching about core shamanic techniques, earth-based ritual, somatic mentoring and Tantra as techniques that lead us towards embodiment sensual awakening, plus the Heart because the course.

Matt Sturm – Co-founder of Embodied Erotic, yoga instructor, somatic specialist, and intimate healer. My work integrates mindfulness, yoga, and ritual in to the path of religious development. we train hands-on options for inhabiting our anatomical bodies, linking because of the breathing, cultivating intimacy that is deep and tuning into the universal love within all of us.

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