FOLLOWING THE YELLOW-COLORED BRICK ROUTE I put in some time now surfing. Not really at the seashore (I do not learned so that you can surf once living around the Gulf for longer than 30 years). I was surfing around doing some ‘follow the yellow brick road’ path. I like to call the item that given that one hyperlink, leads to some other, leads to yet another and you you should find an Emerald Metropolis at the end! Be the great thing about following one way links: you never recognize where they may take anyone and what ventures you will have during the trip.

These are the main jewels I stumbled upon today. I couldn’t help but go away them alongside to all our parent people (and enthusiasts! ):
This is an amazing web site for college planning. That it is interactive and even tons of enjoyment. It’s not your current typical tedious college information site. It’s a exciting place to start the main search for midsection schoolers having schedules together with tips throughout high school. Whaz up individuals and dudettes… check this one out! (I know Now i’m not hip but We try)
Awesome. This is NOT your own avearage college tour site. This one has moxy and several genuine off the wall creativity. You will find video visits that ORDINARY, a message aboard, cool 3D IMAGES maps, video games, career films and solutions to connect with different college students. Check this one released and get inside ‘mood for college’!
I had to plop one out of just for the parents of the patients. This is the TOP, I stated BEST, web-site for all you want to know concerning financing that college schooling but happen to be afraid individuals. Remember individuals: DENIAL is simply not a lake in Egypt. Knowledge is certainly power. The proper you know the extra prepared you will find yourself. So calm down and hop in!
As my daughter would say… ‘cool beans’. This is the site and you’ll discover and be observed by organisations, scholarships and various college programs. A GREAT network site plus a place to add and set away an online presence.
The site is Twitterific! Yes, Although i did say that. Stay informed about college lifestyle on Tweets: students, colleges and universities, faculty, dance clubs, and more. Stay on top of the current college and also student current information via the whole set of great Tweet links. And even, there’s a method to ‘follow all’ if you happen to so owned and operated. Whew… I’ll just follow… EVERYONE!



No ‘yellow brick road’ search might be complete with out unearthing a new scholarship. And this one is an excellent one. This is one way you sign in win… Write a design that gives with us what you would like to achieve in your own personal along with professional everyday life after university or college. Your admittance can be a image, collage, poetry, drawing, painting like a professional, graphic design piece, short tapped out explanation, or anything YOU can create in an graphic! Your obtain should converse: This is how I ‘Frame My Future. ‘

That edges my search for today. I do think I can securely say I ran across the ‘Emerald City’ simply because every one of the ones links takes your teen closer to their dream about a college degree.


Problems to help your teen with the university or college decision procedure, you are not by itself. According to a write-up on TodaysCampus. com by means of Joe Dysart:

Many parents (90 percent) looking for colleges and universities with regard to their kids tend to be turning to the internet for information, as outlined by a recent survey from a volume of market research categories.

Of the surveyed parents, 82 percent said they intend to play some pivotal position in helping their children make the sound decision about university. Only 18 percent claimed they will charge their child in making that decision at home.

The online world is loaded with information relating to the college selection process. The key is to know how to find it and how they can sift through every piece of information to utilize precisely what is most helpful. My Mothers and fathers Countdown to College Toolkit will send you to the correct websites and provides you all the info you need to participate in a vital role in assisting your teen make final decision about college.


If your teenage is an normal student, you happen to be thinking that neighborhood college or possibly a local small-scale state college is all their only solution. But , in fact, there are some opportunities you might contemplate.

According to a current seminar around the National Association for Faculty Admission Advising,

There are actually application strategies that can help… Some good colleges are seeking more physical diversity, and often will consider trainees with lazy grades if they happen to be from a further part of the place. Students together with weak standardised test dozens should also look at colleges exactly where SAT along with ACT scores are elective. (A variety can be found at

Students may wish to request job interview at educational institutions that avoid necessarily require them, of showing character good points that transcripts and GPA’s don’t reveal.

One college or university counselor proposed applying mid-year, when university admissions are less reasonably competitive than in the high-pressure tumble. Another advised looking for organisations with pre-admission programs to help relieve students inside the college people plan to enroll in.

Of course , all experts recommend that paying attention to grades beginning in your teen’s high school work will ensure a lot more college options. But if your teen is already on their senior year and there is virtually no time to fix their GPA, there are always application tactics that can help.

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